Air Dried Angus Beef Tapa PHP 950.00 500g
Aling A's Legendary San Andres Tapa PHP 470.00 500g
Bacon Bagnet PHP 415.00 500g
Ilocos Longganisa PHP 294.00 500g
Ilocos Longganisa Hubad PHP 300.00  
Free Range Salted Egg PHP 170.00  
Free Range Organic Brown Egg PHP 205.00  
Homemade Bulacan Longganisa PHP 350.00  
Pork Bagnet PHP 415.00  
Nono's Garlic Steak PHP 845.00  
Nono's Pork Balsamic Adobo PHP 495.00  
Nono's Beef Tapa PHP 795.00  


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