Archipelago Banana Chips  
Banana Macadamia Jam  
BBQ Chichapops 260g
Bicol Express - Santol 8oz
Camote Chips- Garlic  
Camote Chips - Glazed  
Cheese Chichapops  
Dalandan Extract with Honey 350ml
Gluten Free Mushroom Kropek 70g
Greaseless Garlic Coated Peanuts 230g
Just Fruit Banana  
Just Fruit Mango  
Just Fruit Pineapple  
Mango Hazelnut Jam  
Malunggay Fritters 85g
Mushroom Crisps  
Nono's Farmers Corn Chowder Soup  
Nono's Roasted Squash Soup  
Peanut Butter Coconut Sugar 270g
Peanut Butter Muscovado 270g
Pineapple Cashewnut Jam  
Roasted Garlic Peanuts - Plain  
Roasted Garlic Peanuts - Spicy  
Salted Egg Potato Chips 100g
Salted Egg Potato Chips - Spicy 100g
Shiitake Crisps  
Special Laing  
Spicy Tamarind  
Strawberry Pinenuts Jam  
Sugar Free Banana Chips  
Sweet Corn Chichapops  
Sweet Tamarind  
Veggie Crisps  


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